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what songs have leaked from brintey spear's new album?

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    So far 7 have leaked.

    The only 5 that I know of though are:

    Gimme More

    Got Me High

    Break The Ice A.K.A. Been A While

    Heaven On Earth A.K.A. Your...


    Sorry that I don't know the other 2!!!! Hope this helps!


  • olli
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    4 years ago

    easily i trust GameGal quite on what she mentioned approximately them leaking the songs onto the internet themselves. they could have had to postpone the album; yet didnt choose their followers waiting any further. properly; yeah. i'm unhappy, hmm. i wanted it to come returned out while it became meant to come returned out. with a bit of luck the album does come out in September. I actually have a feeling even with the shown fact that there going to alter it ^ celebrity! x.

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    gimme more is all i know of for now. there was another song but i dont recall the name

  • 1 decade ago

    who cares

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  • 1 decade ago

    there are songs on youtube...

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