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PROBLEM! 2 guys...what do I do?'s the story...I met this guy at a event and ever since we've talked on the phone *but just every once in a while*BTW who is 17...well I've just recently met this other guy who is 13...I really like the 13 year old, b/c he's so funny and completely understands where I'm coming from. Well me and the 13 year old talk on the phone daily...but today the 17 year old called me and we talked for a while too...well I think the 17 year old likes me...and I like him too, but I really like the 13 year old too. My mom said that me and the 13 year old have no chance of being together, b/c of our age difference *he's 13 and I'm 15*. so yeah...but I've talked to her some about the 17 year old and she seems approve, I know my parents can't tell me who to like, but they won't let me spend any time w/ the 13yr. old b/c of his age. They said if they met the 17 yr. old they would glady let me hang w/ him. I really like these guys...but what do I do?

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    I'm glad to hear you talk with your parents about that! That's cool. About your dilemma, idk, coin toss, lol


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    Since you already have been told that your parents won't let you spend time with the 13 year old, you should concentrate on the 17 year old. Explain to the 13 year old that your parents won't allow you to see him any more becuz of the age diff. Girls usually mature before boys do, so in the "big picture," the 17 old is more your equal. Give him a chance. You may discover you have more in common with him than you think.

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    Elimination round.

    A) Which one has all of your best interests at heart?

    B) Which one makes your heart skip a beat?

    C) Which one are you more compatible with?

    D) Which one is a more realistic candidate for your

    wanting to get really serious with?

    E) Are you liking one for the brains and the other for the physique? If so, how are you supposed

    to decide as to which attributes are more important to you?

    F) If you're that confused then neither of them is

    that important to you. Because if you really like

    a person, you don't also like another person unless you're not serious about either. You're

    infatuated with both and you're just enjoying the adrenaline of having two guys vie for you and give you plenty of attention. This way you're never alone nor bored. You're reveling in playing it dangerously.. it's the's the thrill.

    You seem a bit commitment-phobic. You're also

    applying your eyes and mind, rather than your heart.

    In a relationship you have to learn to utilize all of your senses: your taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. And even that 6th sense; your intuition.

    So by allowing your brains, heart and intuitions

    to make the decisions for you, you can not go wrong. Just close your eyes and envision your situation with more clarity. Good luck. And I bid you love, peace and happiness. Ciao.

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    First of all if ur 15 and the you like the 13 and 17 year old guys it shouldn't be a problem cuz your 2 years younger or 2 years older so literally your parents dont make sense. not to be rude. ne way the 17 year old parents are problem thinkin the same about you "she's 2 years younger so there is no chance" but the 13 year old is probably thinkin like you "i like her and i hope she likes me but should i ask or wait for her to ask" So what you should actually do is see who is more concerned about you and themselves. I doubt your lukin for someone snobby or bratish so kinda go wit your heart and see which one you can open up to more and that would be the one. :) hope i helped

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    You aren't too old for him. You sound like you really like the 13 year old. You remind me of myself, I liked a guy 3 years younger than me before, and a guy three years older than me before. The younger one was really sweet but there were some flaws at times, and he was quite conceited. I became closer to the older one, and we fell in love and lasted 5 years together. Age shouldn't be a factor. I did worry the way you did. I worried about the first one being too young and immature, and the other one being a little too older and more mature than me. The thing here is, it all depends on who you really like and care for. Don't settle for someone just to make your parents happy. Don't settle for someone just because of concerns about age. You guys connect, therefore you have a great chance at happiness if you date him. It's either 2 years younger or 2 years older hun. You decide, what makes you happy. Whatever you decide, it is hopeful your parents will soon understand. Good luck.

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    you sound like you like the 13 year old a little more! go with your heart! you dont have to get in a serious relationship, just be friends and when he gets a little older and you get a little older, maybe it will develop into something more, plus the 17 year old is a little old for you i think, and will be going to college or whatever after he graduates(not that that means you cant have a relationship), i just think you sound really compatible with the 13 yr old. so, just do what feels right and dont rush into anything, just be friends for awhile

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    They have is backwards, I'd say. The 17 YO will want a lot more out of a relationship with you than the 13 YO, emotionally and physically, probably more than you want.

    Plus the younger guy sounds nice.

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    My suggestion ~don't get too serious with anyone at this young age, enjoy dating.

    Give the 17 yr. old a try. Go to a movie with him (if your parents approve) have fun & keep it light, be friends with both and learn who you would like to have as your bf.

    Whomever you chose, you can still be friends with the other. Have fun and keep it on a less serious note, you have your whole life to be serious, get married have a good time and enjoy your life. ~ Best wishes!~

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    Tell your Mama that it is much safer with a 13 year old, he would easier to handle. The 17 year old may want you to be much more mature than you are.

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  • 1 decade ago date the 17 and 13 year olds.

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