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Flex play quandry?

I am set for my week 2 lineup........all except for my flex position. Here is who I am debating:

Chris Brown - RB Tennessee

Reggie Brown - WR Philadelphia

Brandon Marshall - WR Denver

My other two RB's are Steven Jackson and Brandon Jackson

My other two WR's are Marvin Harrison and Larry Fitzgerald

Thanks for any input!

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    I'd go with Brown. You know he'll get plenty of touches, while WR's are more variable from week to week. Both of those WR's are pretty good, but not good enough to use over a starting RB like Brown. Good luck!

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    This decision depends on how you're feeling. If you want to go the safe route and get about 7-9 points almost certainly, go with chris brown. You know he'll get plenty of touches after what he did last week. He was pretty good two years ago and he's out to prove that it wasnt some fluke. Jeff Fisher is a smart coach and if he sees a guy perform like they did in week 1, he will continue to give the ball to him. So expect at least 60 or so rush yards and 10 receiving yards, which is great in my opinion for a flex.

    Now, if you're feeling like you're ready to gamble more, go with Reggie Brown. Last week, he only had 1 catch. That hurts. But I can't see him getting shut down again, although its possible since the eagles dont have too much of a legitimate threat at receiver other than reggie. However, Reggie could break out for a huge play at any time. Last year, he averaged 17.7 yards per catch which is huge. He's in his third year, what experts consider the "breakout" year for WRs. He's also against a poor Washington D. This guy has the potential to go for 120+ yards and at least a TD, but then again, he could be shut down again for something like 2 catches 25 yards. This makes him quite a gamble.

    So the decision is up to how you feel. Do you feel like playing it safe and get the more "guaranteed" points, or are you ready to gamble for it a little bit. Take a look at your opponent this week. If his team looks extremely strong, I might go with the gamble since it'll be all or nothing. But if he's slightly weaker, maybe stick with Chris and get those easy points. Good luck!

    PS no marshall please, reggie brown >> marshall forever. Just what i think.

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    OK, Chris Brown's performance in Week 1 was suprising and mind-boggling. That's for sure, but whatever you do, do not start him this week. He's going against an Indianapolis D that wants to make up for how awful they were last season. Indy didn't let either Deuce McAllister or Reggie Bush get 40 rushing yards and they both better than Chris Brown and they have a much better O-line to work with also. Reggie Brown sort of owns Washington whenever they play each other. In his rookie season against the Redskins he got 3 TDs and 171 yards on 12 catches, but last year he only had 91 yards on four catches. Brandon Marshall had a strong start to the season with 5 catches for 52 yards and a TD against Buffalo. He plays an Oakland D that let loose three passing TDs last week. Chris Brown will be one-hit wonder. Brandon Marshall is the second wide receiver on a team that couldn't even score twenty points against the Bills. That's bad. On top of that they play the Raiders and while their D might've given up 36 points last week, you can bet that will never happen again for the rest of the season. The Raiders had the No.1 passing D is '06 and I don't think that's going to change too much (not including Week 1). Reggie Brown is the first wide receiver on a team whose QB is better than Jay Cutler. Reggie Brown, as I said, sort of owns Washington according to his rookie numbers plus Reggie Brown is overdue to get more than one reception (which is what he got last week against a surprisingly good Green Bay D).

    Bottom Line: Reggie Brown is the guy!!! Nuff said.

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