Bush's legacy after 8 years?

Abortion has been completely eradicated. Government funding of abortion is now a thing of the past. Filth on television has been severely cracked down upon and completely annihilated. In my opinion, Bush will be remembered as one of Americas greatest presidents.

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    1 decade ago
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    Bush will be remembered as the biggest joke of all time.

  • gigi
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    1 decade ago

    I agree with you, I have been upset with our stupid media because I don't feel that they tell how the people feel about our president. I think that they give a liberal opinion about how they feel about him. I believe that the American people are very happy with the job that he is doing, and I am proud to say that we removed a very wicked man from power in Iraq. Two years before we even stepped into Iraq the Readers Digest was publishing stories about how Sadam was developing chemical weapons, nueclear weapons, and trying out this stuff on the people of Iraq. It told stories of how he torchured the people that came against him or the people that were a different religion than him. Then when our media got a hold of it, they called it all lies. The Readers Digest is a great Magazine that always does excellent research on their articles before they print to make sure what they print is the truth. But our media called them liars. Our liberal media has spun the truth about what is happening over there and lying to the American people, they have tried to tell us that we love the Democrats, when in fact the Democrats in the Senate have reached an all time low approval rating of 18 percent, yet you don't hear that in the news. You hear how Bush only has a 38 percent rating. Well, that is a lot higher than our Democrat Senate! I am angry at the lies that our Media puts out against our Great President, and I know that some day the truth will come out and the world will see what a great job he has done for us. I too approve with the work that he has done in the White House, and I think our Armed Forces should stay in Iraq until the job is done.

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    If today's skewed media doesn't write the history books, then Bush will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents. He has taken a stand on protecting our country, and he sticks to his convictions despite the constant, undeserved criticism that he receives from the media. Not only does he protect the US, but in doing so, he is actually trying to better the lives of others around the world who have been forced to live (if you can call it that) under the control of murderous dictators. While all the Democrats pander to whatever they think certain demographics want to hear, Bush has the same message for everyone all the time. He has a spine and doesn't back down despite the media doing everything it can to destroy his legacy.

    The media is so completely biased. It's pathetic. The approval rating polls are ridiculous and not at representative of the entire population.

    Bush will be remembered as a great man, especially by those who don't need the media to their thinking for them.

  • Abortion has been completely eradicated? Now I support our president for many reasons, but I don't think you can say he ended abortion, and I think it will be several years before people will be able to look past the current situation in Iraq to see the real outcome of his policies. But as much as I agree with him on many points, I think it will be a stretch to say that he is a greater president than Reagan, his father, or even possibly Clinton.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Funny! That's what they said about Ronnie Reagan. Has anyone spent time on a runway or your plane had not even landed or you missed your connection? Now the airline industry and government is saying the cause is controllers. We don't have enough. Who broke up their union and ran people out of the industry? My guess is 10,20,30,40 or 1500 years from now when Iraq is still having the civil war they have had for ages people will say why did we get involved. Fact is the most peaceful time in Iraq was when Saddam Hassan was in charge. Which means either no one cared and the violence didn't get reported or Saddam really was in charge.

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    Statistically only about 30% of the American population even bothered to cast a ballot. What does that tell You about G.W.B's legacy? If nothing else, He will have helped to stamp out voter apathy.

    Ever researched the J.F.K. Presidency? There was a real waste of time. Nothing achieved and a War initiated.

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    1 decade ago

    Bush will be remembered as one of America's greatest presidents, but not for stopping abortions. Abortions are not a thing of the past. There are many women that do not wish to wreck their bodies as well as their future with a pregnancy.

    There are many people who are not insanely in love with the mere fact of life. Especially an embryo that is an obligate parasite that is ' human' only in the fantasy of the minds of deranged egocentric megalomaniacs who would impose their warped views of a 'proper' life on others. It is ironic and hypocritical that Pro-lifers will kill to further THEIR 'cause'.

    Pres. Bush will be remembered as the first to recognize the radical Muslim terrorists and the one who rose up to face them and kill them. These terrorists are the greatest scourge on Earth since Hitler and then Communism.

    Thank God for Pres. Bush.

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    1 decade ago

    "Filth on television has been severely cracked down on and completely annihilated".

    Well, thank God for that!!! I never once though that being 34 years old, in the year 2007, would be a good enough reason to be able to watch what I choose on tv and make my own mind up about it.

    Luckily for me "one of America greatest presidents" has kept me safe by making sure I don't see a human nipple (GASP!!!!!) on the screen. I mean, it's not as if there are more important things to worry about.........is there?

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    Based on your statement, I do not think there is any future for you on Wall Street as an analyst. I'll bet you think Richard Nixon was a great president also? And, I wonder when you last spoke to the mother and father of a female soldier killed for no reason whatsoever in Iraq except to satisfy the delusions of a warped personality that just happens to currently occupy the White House.

    Great president, get real Sparky.

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    1 decade ago

    This is why he has a 35% approval rating.

    It tells me something about Americans and the world.

    In The world (there are 20 million porn sites on the Internet.)

    that is the good news. The U.N. and the rest of the world stands by and does little to help us rid terrorists.

    We fight their wars and when they are attacked we fight their wars. (We are told we are hated by them) to many times for me to swallow that logic. In Iraq, where are the stories of the people who are grateful for the schools being built and on and on? Where are the soldier stories of them being appreciated by the protected? Where is the media when it comes to greatness? Anger and rage sell, bad news sells.

    The good news is, he has a 35% approval rating. Same as our Democrat controlled congress with their political spin.

    He is supposed to be so unpopular and they are boosted by the liberal media when he isn't.

    God bless our troops, Bush and people who refuse to believe in the media.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it will all depend on what happens in Iraq. If it is stabilized and peace will be about in the entire then he will be known as one of the greatest. If it is in ruins 50 years from now then it will be known as one of the worst in history. Nobody is going to remember much else from his terms years and years from now.

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