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I have these weird things on my tongue that look like popped blisters what could they be?

I am now almost done with my full 9 months of pregnancy and I have these strange things on my tongue. I asked my physician about these and she said she didn't know what they were. The looked like popped blisters and now I have been getting them even when I don't eat acidic foods such as tomatoes, etc. They don't hurt but they look horrible. I get them on the end of my tongue and on sort of the side but on the top of my tongue. Does anyone have any idea what these could be?


No stupid answers please. I do not have AIDS you get tested for that when you go to your first dr's appt. And I've been with the same person for along time.

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    I am not sure how to answer this question. Let me start you by asking you a question. Did you just notice these on your tongue? My first reaction was that your are noticing your taste buds which tend t be more obvious during pregnancy. There are four kinds of papillae on the tongue and they change by location. An other alternative is delayed hypersensitivity reaction to some thing you are eating or using in your mouth. Check to see if you changed your tooth brush, paste or mouth wash. If you did change any of these, just go back to the older one and I bet that these will go away in couple of days. Hope that helps

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    Sounds like you've probably just bit your gum, lip or inside of your mouth, which has cause the blood vessels underneith to break and its just clotted under your skin, dont worry about it! itll clear up in a week or so!

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