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Is it better to use Dreamweaver or to write code yourself using XHTML and CSS?

This is for static brochure website.

I was thinking of turning off Dreamweaver's code writing, and doing it myself, because of all the unnecessary code DW writes.

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    Ironically enough, I do most of my work in Dreamweaver in "code view" not design view. No matter what you're doing, it's always good to have a look at the code now and again.

    I've noticed that even when Dreamweaver is SUPPOSED to be in XML-compliant code, I still sometimes see it trying to insert a <br> instead of a <br /> when I press SHIFT-Enter in Design View.

    Personally I don't like the Split option where you get both views at once. It just makes the screen too cluttered. Besides it's so easy to just press Ctrl ` (on Windows/PC versions) to easily switch back and forth from one view to another... in fact, that's exactly what I do when I want a quick peek at what the code I'm writing "looks like" without having to go to view it in an external web browser.

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    Dreamweavers code is clean, there is minimal additions.

    Just use the split screen, so that you can write the code and use the gui portion to see how it looks as you write it.

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