I have a dilemma. Please help?

Ive just found out im pregnant at last. Where i work can be quite heavy work sometimes so im going to need to tell my team leader but i dont want to tell anyone else. BUT my mums husband and my partners mum works there as well and i dont want to risk them finding out. But i want to keep if from people untill my first scan, What should i do.

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    Talk to your leader and tell him/her that this is to be kept quiet until your first sacn and then you want to be the one to tell people. Let him/her know that the only reason that you are telling him/her is because you don't need to do any very hard jobs until the doc has cleared you and that you have the right for it to be kept a secret. I am sure that they will respect your wishes as long as you express your wishes up front. Best wishes to you.

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    tell the team leader and explain FULLY how you do not want these people or anyone else to find out, you just want to be safe and not have too much heavy work. He or she should totally understand. I hope this all works out for you! If you really do not want to tell anyone, just bring him/her into the office and tell them that you have really bad back pains, you have a doctors appointment, but until then you do not want to lift anything heavy because it hurts too bad.

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    It's too risky not to tell your team leader. Make it a private conversation and explain why you are not ready for anyone, including family to know. Make sure that the team leader understands that your privacy right now is very important to you.

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    There is no risk to you or the baby if you keep doing work that your body is use too for the first few weeks (up to 3-4 months) unless you are lifting more than 50lbs alone

    you are probably ok to keep doing it until after your scan and then you can announce it to everyone...

    Good luck

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    Well, your going to have to let your team leader know just tell him/her they needed to know but you don't want the others to know just yet.

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    tell ur team leader. tell the leader to keep it a secret, if word gets out, sue.

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    Speak to your team leader alone about it and make sure he knows how you feel. It's your job and you have the right of privacy.

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    talk to your boss explain the situation and then if people ask tell them you hurt your back and your doctor doesn't want you to do any lifting for a while.

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