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If i work for a Software company's BPO.....Can i move towards software(Technical) side later..?

Am a B. Tech graduate in Information Technology, 2006 passout. I havee been trying for a job in software industry for 1yr..earlier though i got job as a technical supporter in reputed companies...i rejected am not interested in that am tired of attending interviews in software field...i dint get through any there is heavy competiiton...recently i attended a walkin in TCS and i got through the interview...but again that was BPO i dont wanna miss the oppertunity though am not interested....i came to know through few of my friends that we can shift to software side if we work in any Software Company's BPO for 6months or for an year...Is this really true...?

Please do reply me.

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    I'm sorry Rajeev, but probably not.

    What I mean to say is that almost no company will consider your BPO experience when they are hiring for an engineering role. Your BPO experience will count towards your maturity, but not much else. On the other hand, you could hone in your technical skills (on the side) while you are working in the BPO industry and be more successful at the interviews that you give.

    Most BPO operations have a Quality wing that makes sure that guidelines that the clients have set are followed rigorously by the support staff when they take calls or reply to emails. If you manage to break into this group, it might help in your IT dreams by helping you get a QA position.

    Hope this helps.

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    If you show some ability and are a good worker it's often eassier to move within a company than to try to get in from outsidde.

    It's also cheaper to recruit internally as no agents fee's to pay.

    Right now you NEED experience in the field, not neccessarily in the exact role, so take the job, and once in the door, youy can start getting to know those who "would" be your manager if you moved and try to enquire of openings.

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    Well first of all, spelling would be a factor. You said "later" but you mean LADDER. this seems like a little thing, but it means alot when you are trying to get a position, if you need to update a resume, or do any transactions on paper. "Later" is like "see you later". "Ladder" is "Climbing a ladder." I would definately talk to the manager and ask then what you can do. let them know taht you are interested and tell them why you really desire this position. u have to show them your interest and passion for this and convince them y you would be the best for the job. Be sure you have references to go back to as to reasons why you deserve this. good luck

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