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Is piracy the main reason why software companies are incurring losses these days?

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    That is so funny! A small part but not all of it.

    The economy is TANKING, scores of small businesses (which employ 70% of our citizens and buy tons of supplies) are closing their doors because we cannot compete with China, India and the rest of the Asian continent.

    As 1 business closes, it sometimes take 2 or 3 with it. As one company lays off 100,000 workers (to move the jobs off shore) up to 500,000 other workers lose their jobs too.

    Wake up America, before it is too late.

    But hey, the government is always hiring, well until they figure out all the business that went to China doesn't contribute to our tax system.

    Good luck to us all.

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    Not sure, but according to Fortune magazine Bill Gates says he's happy that Microsoft finally cracked the Chinese market and signed an agreement with the Chinese government so they can sell them full licenses to the Windows operating system for about $5 each. You and the rest of us idiots are paying about $100 per PC license. Maybe it should be $105 so he can then claim that he makes a good profit on us too!

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    yes and no, its ideas and management

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