Ultrasonographers...(Diagnostic medical sonographer)?

Do ultrasonographers wears scrubs to work? I am buying a gift for someone I don't know very well, and I know they are an ultrasonographer so I wanted to get them a couple pairs of cute scrubs. But, I'm not sure if they wear them...Thank you!!!!


Right...which is why I am asking if ultrasonographers can use them

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    Most likely, but it depends on the workplace. She may have to wear a specific color or wear hospital-issued scrubs. If you know where she works, call there.

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    If you don't feel right asking the person that you are looking to buy a gift for, perhaps calling around to a few local hospitals and asking for the medical imaging department can help you out. It's a cute idea though :)

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    1 decade ago

    I would not get work clothes for anybody unless I knew for certain that they could use what you were getting.

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