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what do you guys think?

I am a 20 year old college sophmore. My boyfriend is 22. We have been together a little over two years. I love him more than anything, i've never met anyone that is so similar to myself and that I can relate to so well. He is like my soulmate. My problem is that well, I am not sexually attracted to him. I love being with him...but when it comes time for hooking up or sex, I get really turned off. The other problem though is well I like to pleasure myself..and I think over other guys..that I don't know, just random hott guys in my classes. But again, I don't see myself loving anyone more than I do him. Do these problems I have mean I shouldn't be with him? Help!!

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    From a guys point of view you are going to have to work out the sex thing. He needs to believe that you are turned on by him. What you think about is up too you and enjoying toys is not a problem either. Use the toys with him or train him to use the toys. If he cares for you I am sure he will enjoy that.

    Believe it or not often the thing that gets you in a relationship is the physical attraction but as time goes on other things become more important.

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