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my right eye hurts! help?

my right eye has been hurting for months and i noticed that it didnt start to hurt until after i got my contact lenses. i stopped wearing them( a couple of months ago) and now it always fell like a small stinging sensation. i also have bad vision in this eye thats why i wear glasses. what could this be

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    It could be several things. From sinus issues, to dental issuses to ulcers fro your contacts, Etc. I would make an appointment with the Doctor that prescribed your contacts and explain it to them and see what they think. Either way, a good doctor call is in order! Good luck! O^O

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    Sleeping in touch lenses lowers the volume of oxygen getting via on your eyes, accordingly hanging you at a larger threat for eye infections. The handiest method to inform whether it is an contamination or in case you readily indignant your eyes is to visit a watch health care professional. If it's an contamination it's predominant to have it checked out instantly; a few varieties of infections can get very extreme and reason scarring and blindness. There are unique manufacturers of contacts that may be effectively slept in (made from more moderen, extra breathable components) however you have to speak along with your health care professional to look if you are a well candidate.

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    Go see a doctor yesterday. There are lots of reasons why there could be pain (dry eye syndrome, corneal ulcer, glaucoma, pterygium, etc.), but you only have one set of eyes and you can't buy a replacement set!

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    go to the doctor as soon as possible, i don't have idea but that's sound good.

    Don't lose time.

    Good time.

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