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What is your favorite breed of cat?

Male or female is better....

I prefer a female torti. They just are so peaceful and they totally love there owner

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    My cat is was a stray that my son brought home from school 11 years ago. She was a small kitten he brought her in the house (and believe me at the time I was not a cat lover at all)

    first thing I said was "where did you get that cat"? I told him to take it right back where he found it. He said to me "but mom she has a hurt paw". After a long while of him begging to keep the cat I finally said ok but she was only staying until she was better she wasn't coming in the house and I wasn't spending a bunch of money on her. Well needless to say we still have her and she is the best cat ever. My son started college last fall and ever since he left for school the cat sleeps on top of me every night. Not at my feet or above my head or beside me. I mean she sleeps on top of me every night! She's my best friend I love her do death. She's just a stray I have no idea what breed of cat she is. Probably a heinz 57 but I wouldn't trade her for the world.

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    johnny boy - Thank you for pointing out that torti is a color, not a breed. If the cat is tortoiseshell colored the breed is probably a domestic shorthair. (Please note that I follow the strict guideline that if there is any white at all on the cat, it is a calico. Black and orange = tortoiseshell. White, black and orange = calico.)

    While I do adore the ragdolls that come into our clinic, I personally would never pay for a particular breed of cat. There are too many adorable domestic long and short hairs that need good homes.

    My favorite color on a DSH is silver tabby.

    EDIT: In response to the "female torti" comments, almost all calicos and tortis are female. The rare male that carries those colors is sterile. It has to do with chromosomes and genetics.

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    I have 6 cats. One is a female torti we choose at the Humane Society. The others found us when they were abandoned. I love them all, but the torti thinks she's queen of the world around here.

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    Manx and Siamese are my faves. BTW, Torti is actually a color not a breed. Also, did you know that most tortis are female? Strange but true.... Best wishes.

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  • Sue C
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    I had a darling female Siamese. She was like a little person inside a fur coat...:) She ate right beside us on the couch & had to eat or at least taste EVERYTHING we ate. If she wanted anything, she wld. take her paw & tap us on the shoulder to get our attention until we did whatever it was she wanted. Very sad day when we lost her. I just can't get another, there's not one out there who could even come near her little personality. I've had lots of cats in my day, but she was the very best. Neighbors moved & left her behind, she was "fixed" & declawed. Took over a wk. to coax her w/food slowly moved from 100 ft. from the house finally to the back step. I got her cornered one nite on the porch, & she never went out after that. Tiff was our baby.

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    Tortoiseshell is a colour - not a breed - and colour has nothing to do with the personality of a cat.

    After adopting two Persians from the shelter I'll always have Persians. They're sweet, loveable, incredibly playful, sooooo snuggly and the best cats I've ever had.

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    My favorite breed of cat is a Traditional Doll Faced Persian.

    Females are very sweet.

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    Tortoise shell cats are the most adorable, loving and talkative of all cats. Mine ran away and I've been on the hunt for a new one just like her.

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    I really love all cats i have three myself but my favorite breed is the Persian.They are very smart and gorgeous cats.

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    mixed, more color, plus more genetic variability

    but for "pure" breeds i like British shorthairs

    and tortie is a color scheme not a breed

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