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what should i wear with.......?

I have this pair of AE cords that fit really loose kinda like guys jeans and I don't know what to wear with them to make it more feminine. HELP!!!!!

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    A girly lace tank with some long hanging necklace would work.

    It would also look adorable with a headband like:


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    I think maybe i cute tank top like the other person said. A shirt thats sexy but not too too ultra feminine. Just a cute tight t-shirt, tank, or tube top and then you could find a good belt to go with it along with maybe some cute sneakers that match with the outfits colors.

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    A shirt with flower prints or a plain shirt with a brooch of a flower, feathers, beads. Scarfs, hair clips and earrings along those lines could also balance it out.

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    i actually like to put that(loose pants) with a rly nice fitting/tight shirt! It shows that you are a girl lol!

    Like even with a dressy-ish top*

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    without knowing your body type, the best way to femininise baggy pants is to go tight on top and show off your feminine assests :)

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    A lace lined spagetti tank or a tube top would look good.

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    I agree with them! Something that is a little tighter or more dressy. I'm sure that would be way cute!

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