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I tried some carb gel on a walk today and actually vomited from the taste, so I need another option...?

I did also use red apple slices and water. I'm looking for something that will give me the carb boost, like the gel, for an upcoming race I'm training for.


I have heard of these things called gummies???

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    There are some great alternatives to those gel's, I don't use them in running. I can't stand the taste and they are hard to stomach. You have to drink water with them to help aid in the digestion or else. Well you have seen the or else.

    IF you don't have a water belt you should consider that. As hydration is important on those runs over 10K.

    You could try mixing 50/50 gatoraide with water. I use that in 1/2 marathons, this seems to work well.

    I have also used Jelly belly sports beans., a Jelly bean that taste like Gatorade.

    Cliff blocks are my favorite, they are made from Organic Brown Rice and are like a giant gummie. They taste not to bad and you can eat less then 25g of carbs at a time unlike gels.

    Dried fruit also may work but with the higher fibre it could cause issues in the bathroom department along the route.

    Good luck



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    gatorade is fine during a run/walk if you want to carry it around. But as a runner(16:47 5K) and i've ran 3 half marathons so i have an idea of the nature longer races . You want to consume complex carbohydrates the day before the race like pasta spaghetti etc. during a run its a lot of trial and error gatorade, accelorade, water. are all good. Be sure to drink a lot of water the day before and up to the race until about 30-45 mins before stop about that time before so you don't end up having to hit the portajohns during the race

    as a side not to what joe said don't eat a ton of carbs a meat 3-4 hours before the race not the best of ideas eat light ie granola bars or crackers stuff to that nature

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    If it's a marathon or half-marathon you can always take something to eat during the race to get through it. A energy bar or something like that. I run 10km races and never have needed to eat or drink during the race - or 10km training runs. Just eat and drink properly before. But marathons - yes bring a snack, and drink enough water as you go. Sometimes the bars are dry, so the gels work, but I agree they taste very bad. Try Powerbar they taste OK.

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    good grief...just eat a lot of carbs 3-4 hours before the race, you don't eat during the race, chances are most stuff will make you vomit. Trying a nice bowl of pasta and make sure you get plenty of meat as well, as meat has protein which will keep you going much longer. If you are looking for a quick boost like 15 minutes before racing try dates, they are loaded, much more so than almost anything else. Dates have tons of carbs, you will feel it 10 minutes after you eat them.

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    I am assuming you are doing a long race, 1/2 marathon or further, because I would agree with others statements that the shorter ones you would not need to have anything during the race as long as you prepped your body correctly the night before and morning of. Here's a couple of other ideas though. Jelly Belly Sports Beans - jellybelly.com or Clif Shot Bloks - clifbar.com

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    Best I can suggest is try different flavors. I can's handle any of the fruity ones, but I can down the chocolate one easily. Essentially the gel is a concentrated form of a sports drink. In fact, you are supposed to increase water intake if you use the gel. I suppose in light of that, you could also try some of the different sports drinks. Acceler-ade seems to work pretty well for me.

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    I think I vomit to if eat crab gel. Sound no good. Why use flavor is crab?

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