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What is the name of the NEAREST MOUNTAIN to your home?

Nearest to me is called "Bald Hill"

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    pupukea in Hawaii i live on the mountain

  • Zeera
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    The Santa Cruz Mountains.

  • The Himalayas - the Highest Mountain Range in the World in Northern India

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  • robee
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    1 decade ago

    Great Smokey Mountains

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  • Blue Mountain, about 50 miles away, in Eastern PA

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    Mountain? Well...I guess Mt. Hood at over 11,000 feet. But, just down the street is an extinct volcano called Mt. Tabor that is around 1000 feet or so.

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    The Cameroon Mountains in West Africa.

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    The Appalachian Mountains (The Smokies to be more specific)

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    Black Oak Mountain

  • j2
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    1 decade ago

    garbage mountain, about 20 miles south of me. Its about 300 feet tall and growing by the truckload

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