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Is it just me or does it seem like Hollywood is attempting to destroy religion?

Im not trying to stur any trouble with this question I just want to hear all of your inputs.

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    Passion of the Christ and Evan Almighty are two that come to mind that disprove your theory.

    Hollywood is trying to sell tickets.

    Sell tickets to religious people, who want religious movies, and tickets to people who like to see religious people get made fun of.

    Hollywood doesn't care about religion. The preponderance of the people who work there simply want to make money.


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    Could it just be Hollywood or is it bigger than that?

    People the world over are beginning to see organised religion as the scam it really is, not just those in the entertainment industry.

    The difference is, we see the movies & thus the attitudes of some directors & writers - we don't have such access to the thoughts and mindset of doctors, construction workers, store managers & others.

    Religion doesn't need anyone to destory or debunk it - it's doing that just fine on it's own.

    With little to stand on other than outdated scriptures & mentally challenged preachers & other fanatics - religion doesn't have much of a chance.

    I'd give organized religon as a whole another few generations before fading like a fart in the wind.

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    Do you say that just because Hollywood does not put out Christian programming? Or have you actually seen Hollywood working towards the destruction of Religion? Or do you just mean Christianity? Is it possible that for the most part Hollywood reflects the views of Americans and Americans are becoming more and more tired of Religion?

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    Well, when I saw "The Devil's Advocate" I thought the same thing. But, you have to remember what Hollywood is about.

    It's making a dollar in whatever means possible. Keep that in mind.

    Anyone who looks to Hollywood for answers to anything is in serious trouble. Take it for what it's worth, $9.50 for the ticket?, leave it at that.

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  • Jack P
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    Q: Is it just me or does it seem like Hollywood is attempting to destroy religion?

    A: Hollywood is attempting to make money any way it can. Same as always.

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    Satan is the ruler of the eartly world and the entire world is trying to destroy religion and in my 56 years I've seen a very dramatic increase in evil in the last 10-15 years, people don't care about each other, they are afraid of each other and I blame this a lot on corporations etc who want to suck money out of everyone It makes people not trust each other which is exactly what satan wants

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    I praise God that there are a few Christian's in the movie industry that actually want to keep God in Hollywood- you are right the media will do anything "to keep Him our of Hollywood" like what Kathy Griffith did, however I can tell you this, men are like grass, they will quickly die and fade away, but the word of the Lord will last forever. Hollywood may try and say Jesus does not exist, but one day, Hollywood won't exist anymore but Jesus always will!!

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    HOLLYWOOD goes where the money is. Right now the money is in action movies. But you can be sure more than a few moguls are keeping an eye on religion. Twas ever so.

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    I don't think there's a lot of Christianity in Hollywood but Hollywood can not destroy Christgianity. Christians don't need any help, they're doing a good job destroying their own witness. God bless

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    Jesus said that people with lots of money will find it hard to accept his teachings and get into heaven. I think Hollywood reflects this, as people who make movies normally have lots of money. They don't want to put across ideas that say they are going to hell, so they try to discredit religion any way they can. There are some exceptions, but I think this is the typical working of Hollywood.

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