I got an offer from Greece athence.?

I got an offer from Athence Greece. I am a design enginner.

How much I ask the salary. i am from India.

I want accomodation, medical ,food ,transportation everything

How much salary I ask to them?

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  • Ylia
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    1 decade ago
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    If you need to ask Answers about what salary to negotiate I say stay where you are. You'll have no luck here :-)

  • 1 decade ago

    Men you are way to demanding for greek standards...i mean great doctors get here in greece around 2000euros and don't have all those comforts you want...they may afford accomodation to you and if you are very lucky u might get health insurance but the rest is up to you to find..As far as the salary is concerned you should ask about 1000euros

  • 1 decade ago

    Guys LOL WTF?!?! Ppl are working for 30 years in the same job and get 1300 euro max! And you suggest him, for 1st time in this company, to ask 1500? Where do you live?! Am i the only one who's down to earth here??

    Mate the lowest salary is about 650 euro, with medical insurance included.

    A tiny apartment in a not-good neighborhood costs 300/month (im sure you can find a cheaper one).

    Water/elect will be about 100 euro/2 months (if u save up a bit).

    Transportation: 40euro/month for ALL transp, but you can find a cheaper one for train-only or buses-only.

    Food.. hmm. Food its kinda cheap in Greece. bread costs 0,80euro, souvlaki 1,50euro, a steak menu from delivery-restaurant will be about 4 euros.

    I think it will be OK.

    I'd suggest you NOT TO ask 1500 euro, cause prolly they will just laugh at you...

    hope i helped!

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  • Zoi
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    1 decade ago


    The salary depends on your degree, if you have studied 5 years that means that you are at an University level.

    Your salary also depends on other things, such as experience, family status etc.

    I think you should ask from 1000-1600 Euros,

    better 1300 Euros. It is a salary that will permit you to live descent and it is also not too much for your company to pay.

    Ask also if they will provide you car, cell phone or even house.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What you ask them for and what they are prepared to pay you could be 2 very different things!My guess is that the job (if you have over 5 years experience)should pay about E1500.With this you can live ok but not great.Why not call up an agency in Greece and ask them for advise?

  • 1 decade ago

    It depends on how much they are willing to pay you, too. But if you are asking about the cost of living, well, if you are alone, you will be well-paid if you get 2000 euro per month, but if they also offer you accomodation, 1500 a month is good pay. (Supposing they will be paying insurance etc. on top of that). I wish you the best, but I haveto warn you that it is not always easy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i would say stay where you are, Greece is a hard country when it come to employment and salary's. especially if you dont know the language very well you will have a hard time.

    good luck anyway.

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