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what are the indications of ct scan????

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    I'm going to take it that you have most of the required textbooks and handouts to go with and say the next 20 years. That's how long it'll be before they're out of date compared to the new modality. Give or take a couple of years.

    The bare facts are on the web you know. However the indications are for now when it's cheaper. The alternative views such as MRI are more expensive. And after some consideration are not all that great if you ask me.

    Still although MRI are a little better at revealing structure than ct if you're pretty sure you know what you're looking for you'll usually find it with a ct and it is cheaper ... for the patient paying the bill see?

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    A CT scan shows the gross morphology of your anatomy to a trained radiologists. It also has limited ability to show physiological changes, such as damage due to anoxic conditions (think embolisms like strokes and heart attacks). They are great for showing tumor progression. One of their drawbacks is that for some applications, a contrasting dye must be injected. They are quickly being supplanted by MRI technology for some more subtle scans (especially when searching for metastases). CT scans are far less expensive and less complex than MRI scans (and other more technology based scans like PET scans), so they are often the first choice for radiology techniques, beyond X-Rays.

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    You might want to narrow your question to a particular situation, as in: "What are the indications for CT in patients presenting to the emergency department after head injury?" since there are so many uses for CT that a comprehensive list would be nearly impossible.

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    it stand for cat scan it scan your howl body more thirdly

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