what made the cross something holy?

god didnt make it holy

and it is not mentioned in the bible

who said that to put it in ur hand or wear it.

who said to pray in that way "shoulders and head like the shape of a cross thing"

most of things u do not ordered by god

its ordered by other human

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    Yep...you said it...the church was created by man....the symbol was created by man, and the whole belief system of Christianity was created by, and has been rewritten numerous times by man. What is true? Who knows? There is only one way to find out...and ya don't get to spread the word afterward. So, while you are here...."seek your oiwn truth" DO what works for you and have a great life!

  • GRR
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    Early Christians didn't use the cross. They used the Ichthys, or fish symbol. When Romans crucified someone, they did it on an X-shaped cross, not the t-shape associated with Christianity.

    Most likely the cross got its form from the Chi-Rho symbol (the first two letters of Jesus in the Greek alphabet) popularized by Constantine I -- the Roman emperor who held the Council of Nicea to standardize Christian doctrine and make it the official religion of the Empire. (As can be seen at the bottom of the graphic (linked below) the Chi-Rho gradually transformed into a t-shaped cross). The reshaping of the Chi-Rho into a t-cross may have additionally been influenced by the Egyptian Ankh (crux ansata), the Indo-Aryan swastika, and other already popular symbols.

    As a growing religion, Christianity was influenced by the world around it including the mythos of existing religious pantheons. The cross came to be associated with the crucifixion, but that certainly wasn't its original meaning / representation. It literally reads "Jesus" and has nothing to do with the crucifixion.

    Personally, I prefer the Ichthys. Then again I'm a Pisces.

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    The master known as Jesus came to prove absolutely without doubt that death has no real hold on the human Spirit

    Just as he attempted to allow people to know they dont have to carry past and sins around like some heavy and hard to bear possession

    However just as priests and preachers that want to keep people pouring tithes into the system dont preach forgiveness but yell 'Sin, Sin, Sin" from the pulpit, being in the graveyard business they also prefer to emphasize the death rather than the rising of the body while still on earth

    That they treasure little gold and silver gallows as jewelry does not actually mean that instruments of torture and death are sacred - or even sensual in the way that people kiss those atrocities as if it was a secret lover even when they are scared to death of touching a lot of living humans that actually make love to other human beings

    It is a symbol

    But perhaps it's greatest symbology is that it just goes to show

    The Religious can be special people that do a lot of good in the world

    but they likely would do that good even if religion didnt exist

    however the religions that worship and honor instruments of atrocious torture and death and separate humans from being better spirits are responsible for much that is perhaps Real Crime against the children and adults that God Him/Her/It self gives life to

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    I agree with you. The cross itself wasn't holy. But the One who died there for our sins, well, He is.

    Wearing a cross doesn't make anyone holy. Only Jesus Christ can do that. Many simply wear one as a reminder of the sacrifice that He made once for all...even for those who don't believe, at least not yet.

    Making the sign of the cross when you pray doesn't mean God will hear it any better. That is merely a religious ritual. It's not biblical.

    There are many rituals out there made up by various religious leaders that mean absolutely nothing. They are merely rituals. If the heart has not totally surrendered to Jesus Christ, there is still something missing.

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    Many churches are filled with idols, be they in the form of a cross, icons, or statues of Mary. Moreover, many churchgoers are taught to bow, kneel, or make the sign of the cross before these images. In contrast, true Christians are commanded to “flee from idolatry.” (1 Corinthians 10:14) They do not try to worship God with the aid of material objects.—John 4:24.

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    The cross itself isn't holy, it is a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice for us, by taking on himself the punishment due to all of us for our sins, and suffering in our place.

    Its what it represents, that is holy to Christians, not the cross itself.

    The physical gestures used for praying are'nt used by many Christians, it is a catholic thing, I think to represent God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit. I'm not a catholic so am not 100% sure on that one though, and like many catholic ideas and symbols, are man made........

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    Christian use the cross as a symbol of their belief. An outward representation of a spiritual manifestation. Because it is a symbol of something spiritual people will begin to place a 'holy' name to it. The cross is the most seen symbol today but there are others.

  • Erika
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    You did not do something mistaken. ____ Debbie2 - in which within the Bible does it say get a tuition schooling? Drive a automobile, use a pc, get married in a church, devour at a quick meals eating place, use a washing machine and dryer, and even learn the King James variation of the Bible.

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    If Jesus was murdered by electric chair we'd all be wearing those around our necks, and have them in our churches.

    What the early church did was take the horribleness of the cross and use Jesus' revocation of its ultimate power to turn it into something good. It turned from a way to die into the way to eternal life. God didn't say to do so in the scripture, but you cannot say He didn't speak to someone and tell them what to do. God isn't limited to whats in the Bible, He has MUCH more potential than that.

  • Anonymous
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    It's remembrance. It reminds us of what He did for us. He didn't have to it was a choice. He could have disobeyed and turned away, but He loves us that much. We have crosses in our house and it's letting people know that when you step into this house you will be in the presence of the Lord and you will respect Him and when you walk out, you take the Lord with you in your heart on your day to day. It reminds us to be thankful, humble, grateful and everything else.

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    The cross in itself is not holy. It's what Jesus did for us on the cross. It is only to be a reminder for us of what he did - how much he loves us and what we need to do (love our neighbors as ourselves) as he loved us.

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