telling a guy you like him?

i met this guy during a summer course i had to take, and we really clicked. he'd always look my way and joke with me & stuff. we go to school together now [and hes suddenly popular] but dont see each other much save for a few times in the hallway every now & then, and he ALWAYS has a girl glued to his hip which irritates me to no end. he tries to say hi and stuff, but honestly i just get so upset about the girl there that i just look away. i dont want to let this get too far without letting him know how i feel because i dont want him to get the wrong idea - i'm bursting at the seams but i dont know how to go about it. since chances of getting him at school are slim, i want to message him over facebook & tell him but people are advising against that. honestly im just at the end of my rope, so anything you guys have to say would be helpful. kudos if you actually read this whole thing anyway =]

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i read the whole thing, lol. ne way if you REALLY wanna tell him. dont tell him, ask him ... ask him what he thinks of you. and if you cant do it in person, try over phone.

    if you seems even the SLIGHTEST bit interested in you then try to tell him cuz chances are hes holding back and likes you too

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like he is too popular! Girls all around him, all these clinging vines. He sees you in the hallway and doesn't make any real effort to speak to you. What can you do!! Take a number hon, and go to the end of the line.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think you need to ask him if you can talk to him in private, and POLITELY ask the girl 'glued to his hip' to please give you two a few minutes. It sounds like you're both a good match for each other!

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