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Norton vs. Holmes?

I just watched 'Champions Forever'. There is a feature where the boxers are having dinner with Reggie Jackson as he interviews them. At the end of the dinner, they all stand and embrace each other except Ken Norton refused to even shake hands with Larry Holmes. Norton lost probably the closest Heavyweight title bout with Holmes. Did Holmes refuse to give Norton a re-match? I know Norton didn't like the mouthy Holmes before they fought, but you would think that after 13 years, he would at least be willing to shake hands. Is there more of an inside story to why Norton hates Holmes so much?



Big E - If anything, Norton is bitter because he clearly beat ALI all three times they fought and couldn't get the decisions from Don King's hand-picked judges!!!!!!

Update 2:

Elmer Fuddstein has reached a new low in answers. Norton won all three fighhts as judged by Louis, Robinson, Moore, etc. You doubt them? Norton was estrainged from his son because Norton was a U.S. Marine that believed in truth, justice, and the American way. Norton Jr. was a greedy, team jumping chump who would sell his Mom for a dollar! Hagler has a right to be bitter towards Leonard- we all know he shouldn't have lost his title to 'Ali Jr.' That was the beginning of the downfall of boxing when they always gave the decision to 'the money man'. It made promotion bigger than the sport. It made FLOYD MAYWEATHER! :(

Update 3:

Norton was the coolest of the bunch, that's why he made so many movies - FOOL!

Update 4:

Good to agree with TasteThe Gloves for a change. Good job Bob!

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    Holmes wanted no part of a rematch with Norton. Norton was the champ for their bout and was robbed vs. Holmes. Don King ran that fight just as he did Ali vs. Norton. It was rigged.

    Holmes dodged a number of guys who deserved rematches besides Norton --- Cooney, Snipes, The Truth, Witherspoon. Holmes wins versus each of these guys was suspect. Norton had a tough road. He was a pro for six years before any contender would even meet him in the ring. Holmes beat one contender and got a title shot. Don King decided everything back then.

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    First of all, Norton clearly lost the second fight. He blew the first 6 rounds. He also blew the Holmes fight by blowing 7 of the first 8.

    Now, about the two men. Kenny Norton was (possibly still is) a rather miserable, unlikeable person. He was (possibly still) estranged from his very own son, Ken Norton Jr. His son wanted nothing to do with his dad, even after Sr. got mangled in a car accident. Now Larry Holmes. He always looked for a reason to not like an opponent, and in the prefight build-up, Norton's arrogance gave Big Lar plenty of reason to dislike him.

    These men are heavyweight fighters, top level. What comes with that is a psychological tendency to be arrogant and testy. Who's going to stop them from being how they want to be? Certainly not me. These men think they are the baddest m-f-ers on the planet, and they are. As far as Norton refusing to shake hands with Holmes years later? Clearly Norton is still an ******. Marvin Hagler is the same way, he won't talk to Hearns or Leonard, won't be seen in public with either men. Hearns still wants to lace up the gloves against Sugar Ray. These guys are just wired like that. They're fighters.

    ***Additional: Jazbac/Gypsy and however many other multiple personalities you have: I believe you to be delusional to the point of hysterics. A marine that believes in truth, justice and the American way?? *Laughs* I think you've got a heavyweight boxer mixed up with a comic book character. Something you should grasp, Gypsy, is this: great fighters are would-be murderers and thugs that found boxing as a way to channel their aggression and sadism. I'm not going to even try to change your POV or educate you, i prefer you to live in ignorance as a form of punishment for your crimes***

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    I think Norton was bitter. He probably thought he beat Holmes & then he had to watch Holmes dominate the heavyweight division for the next 6 years. Norton was always a contender but never the man in boxing because of Ali, Frazier & Foreman.

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    have you ever seen the huge-unfold heavyweight contender of as we talk? For each and all the "cutting-part coaching strategies" (fancy certainly explaining a number of them and why they're greater advantageous?) cutting-part well-being standards are down the drain. Haye v Foreman - Foreman clobbers Haye in the process the ropes interior the 5th. Haye v Liston - Liston KO's Haye in ten. Haye v Frazier - Frazier pressures Haye who runs out of gasoline under the relentless agression of Frazier. Frazier via TKO. Haye v Norton - exciting. i'm 50/50 in this one. it ought to finally end up like Haye v Enzo Mac, yet Norton's greater useful than that...%. 'em. Haye v Holmes - Holmes via UD or previous due KO. Holme's mega-quickly appropriate over Haye's low left ought to end it at any time. Haye v Quarry - an quite close one, yet Quarry became an adaptive all rounder. Quarry via stoppage previous due on. TONGUE-click!

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    You know I've watched that Documentary a hundred times and never noticed that.

    But I'm pretty sure norton felt jobed in that fight. And apparently alot of the fighters their, still had a lot of bad blood going on(Ali and Frazier).

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    i dont know why he would be bitter against holmes. it was not larry fault the judges scored the fight the way they did. the fight could have went either way. norton let holmes take too many of the early rds. holmes would have gave him rematch but he got kod in 1 rd by shavers and he was finished. he should have more resentment against king.

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    I agree with gannoway, except no one really appreciated Holmes potty mouth and rude attitude, that is why Mike Tyson displayed such an *** beating because of that! No respect at all, Norton will spank that character all over the ring just like he did Ali!!!

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    Edward Norton would totally whoop the crap out of Sherlock Holmes.

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    I saw some of that video but I never saw the end. Very interesting, well spotted.

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