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Can he touch it?

My 13 year old sone wants to touch my 5 month yr old baby's soft spot he keeps bothering me about it is it safe should i let him touch it

If he touched it what would be the Baby's reaction


no the one on his head

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    There is nothing wrong with him touching the baby's soft spot. It can be educational for him to rub the baby's head gently and feel the difference between the skull and the anterior fontanel (soft spot). Let him know that babies are born without the skull bones being fused together so the baby's head can mold for easier birth. The bones fuse together in a few months to form one skull bone. If he looks closely, he can see the soft spot pulsate with the baby's heartbeat. It doesn't hurt the baby to touch the spot gently. You do it when you shampoo the baby's hair, right?

    Source(s): Been a neonatal RN for 28 years.
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    he could touch it just dont let him put any pressure on it

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    No, you're not supposed to.

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    your 13 year old son should NOT be doing that!!!


    that's gross!!!

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