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What type of learner?

Is there a tast I can take to find out what kind of learner I am?

I have trouble answering teachers when they want me to give exact definitions for words, I know what they mean, but I can't describe what they mean.

Also, on test questions, I don't look at it at face value, I look for the answers that are symbolic or that are foreshadowing what will happen in the future.

Both of these have hurt me in school, so I need to know how to improve upon them and know what type of learner I am.


*test, that is :P

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    go to www.tickle.com

    search for the brain test

    There, you can find whether you're visual/ audio type of people

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    you spoke back A-6 B-7 C-3 in accordance with this information you're in all possibility an Auditory learner. in case you scored extra often than not b's, you may desire to have an auditory studying form. You learn by using listening to and listening. Auditory rookies * take a seat the place they might pay attention yet need no longer pay interest to what's going on in front * would possibly no longer coordinate colorings or outfits, yet can clarify why they are wearing what they are wearing and why * hum or talk with themselves or others whilst bored * acquire know-how by using examining aloud * remember by using verbalizing training to themselves (in the event that they do no longer they have concern examining maps or diagrams or managing conceptual assignments like arithmetic). Umm... *I take a seat the place i'm able to pay interest and pay attention... *I Coordinate lots of My outfits.. *whilst i'm Bored, i'm maximum probable to study... *I acquire know-how by using examining something In My Head, and that i purely carry it to strategies.. *i've got not got Verbal training To Myself... =0 it fairly is somewhat not Righttt. =0

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    There was a test called something like

    "Cognitive Preferences Test" which is part of what you want.

    but looking for answers that are symbolic sounds different.

    Like you are looking for mmore complex ansers than the test cares about. I think talking to a tutor about those might be a good start.

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    the best way to do that is self reflaction. How do you think you learn. By pictures (visual) by listening, or hands on

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