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im a sophomore at a non coed school (all dudes)...i was moved in there by my parents and didnt have a choice about it... i dont like it at all and never have... at my old school i was pretty popular and everything just was rollin fine until the beginning of freshman year when i transferred... i was popular and everything but it just seemed to fade away even though i didnt even move... it seems like no one even wants to talk anymore and i cant ever keep a conversation going... my question is, is that how can i keep a conversation going with all of my friends that are girls at my old school (since my school has no girls) because homecoming is coming up for my current school and im gonna need to start talking around but no one seems interested in keeping a steady conversation... also my old school doesnt have homecoming so its weird for the girl...how can i convince one of my old friends to go even though we havent been talking much lately?...btw homecoming is in about 5 weeks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well get a hold of them and talk about it.

    Maybe start by asking how they are and what's new and eventually say something like "hey so when is homecoming at your school? We don't have one here, I really want to go though!" Make yourself seem really interested but not obsessed. Good luck!

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