what make up should a 13 year old wear to school??????/?


Keep in mind I'm not asking if I should or not, I'm just asking for advice on light make-up.

Update 2:

just super light make-up

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    I'm 14, in the eighth grade. I started wearing makeup last year. If you start wearing it, there's some things you should know...

    Go to Macy's or somewhere like that. See if they sell MAC makeup. It's the best. Have someone who works there match up foundation and blush to your skin. MAC is also great because it doesn't clog your pores.

    But whatever you do, NEVER get makeup for your face (like foundation, cover up, blush, etc.) over the counter (like drug stores), even if it's a trusted brand. It's always best, although it may be more expensive, to buy the high - quality makeup from stands at department stores or something. Eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, etc. is okay to get over the counter. Believe me, you don't want to risk your face breaking out because of cheap makeup.

    I only wear foundation, light pink blush, and light pink eyeshadow. Don't worry about mascara (it is an absolute pain!) and I really don't think girls look very good with eyeliner. If you do wear eyeliner or mascara, put it on VERY lightly because girls look trashy with too much makeup. You might be trying to act grown up, but it would just make you look very immature.

    Hope this works out for you!

    - Elizabeth -

    Source(s): My own personal experience :)
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    Here is what I would do. If this is for you or your child:

    13 is a great age to start learning about makeup and skin care. They can and do go hand in hand if you know how to make it work. Take or go to a make up counter at a large department store that takes pride in healthy skin. Or go to the body shop.

    Get your make up done there. Have them show you how to look natural but put together for evening wear.

    For day wear, for a girl at 13 I love to see clear mascara and tinted lipgloss.

    It is an inexpensive way to practice make up, and will help with application techniques. then on special occasions or family dinner break out the real make up and practice!

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    if you are self conscious about not wearing any, if you have some flaws,(though I doubt at 13, you have any, other than possible acne, or pimples.) try the new mineral makeup that is close to your complexion color. some light color lip gloss, but you don't need any more than that for now. The natural look is beautiful.

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    Okay well if you want to wear makeup, the first thing you need to know is to not overdo it. If I were you, I'd put on a light eye liner and very light eyeshadow. Lipgloss is really pretty too and makes your lips glow. I wouldn't bother putting on blush though. Hope it helps!

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    i think just eyeliner, maybe mascara, and lip gloss. i'm 13 and i that's all i wear, i don't really wear mascara though because i already have long eyelashes and i don't want them to fall out by wearing too much and stuff. sometimes i wear powder if i have like a blemish or something, but only on that spot because it ruins your skin.

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    I would say:

    Black Maybelline eyeliner:


    A light eyeshadow... maybe Estee Lauder?:


    A light lipgloss... Beauty Rush, for example:


    (By the way; that stuff is the best!)

    But, I would stay away from doing your eyeliner super dark or thick, and I wouldn't wear foundation or concealer, and not even coverup unless you need it every once in awhile. I really hope this helped! :]

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    well i was just like you but bear in mind ur only 13 so u dnt want to wear to much that u look way to grown for ur age....but i suggest lip gloss with a nature color that goes perfect with ur skin....DNT ADD A LIP PENCIL...it will jus look tacky......now moving to the eye.....u want a natural look all together to dont go all out w/ purple, blue and red......just stay simple...u wanna buy a eye shadow thats natural once again.....something that nutral but not so nutral that u cant see.....u want it to be shown but not to much......also u should have mascara.......i cant live w/ out mine....here and example of what im saying:


    http://www.facemaker.ca/sylviawebport.jpg......i recommend this one

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    I don't wear any, and I think it's kinda stupid. It makes you look trashy if gone too extreme.

    Just stick with lipgloss, and maybe a bit of eyeliner and mascara?

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    a 13 year old shouldn't be wearing makeup. Women wear makeup to look younger. 13 year olds look young enough.

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    I dont think a 13 year old should wear any make up to school. school is for learning not for getting made up.

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