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i'm wearing an acuvue oasys (prescription) can i also use the acuvue 2 colours?

does it matter? even if you buy the same power, bc & diameter? im just gonna buy online

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    Yes it does matter. Those parameters are only part of the prescription, the third part (and the most important part of a disposable lens) is what type of lens and material it is.

    Acuvue 2 is a hydrogel lens.... Acuvue Oasys is a silicone hydrogel. Acuvue 2 is also a slightly harder lens when compared to Acuvue Oasys. Both have different oxygen permiabilities and will fit different on the eye. A bad fitting lens can damage the eye. As you don't have the equpiment to judge how the lens is fitting or whether your eye can handle a lower oxygen level level you are taking a risk by simply ordering it.

    While it may be time consuming your best course of action is to see your optometrists and tell them you would like to try coloured lenses.

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    I'm with everyone else on this answer. First of all, you can't get the acuvue 2 colour contacts with a acuvue oasys prescription - it's like having a prescription for penicillin but wanting to get doxycycline filled (they are both antibiotics but are not the same). Secondly, there is danger to wearing a contact lens that your doctor has not fitted you on and approved you to wear. The contact lens materials are very different between the two types of lenses, the oxygen permeability is very different, and other parameters (such as base curve and diameter) vary between the two lenses. Last, I bet your eyes are beautiful without changing their color! :)

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    I think that legally you are supposed to have a prescritption for any lense and the specific one is usually specified and considered part of the RX. The plastics are not the same and might not be the best for your specific eye. I really would consult your doctor on this and let them trial fit you. Your vision is not a toy and should not be risked just to have colors for cheap.

    Source(s): Optician, CL wearer, and MOM
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