Losing weight, loose skin?

I've seen all these pictures onling and stories on tv of people losing weight and then they have really loose skin. I'm 5'6" and I weigh about 160 pounds, give or take a few. I used to weigh like 120 back in the day... after gaining the 40 pounds over the last 3-4 years, I realized I'm on a downward spiral.

I really want to lose the weight and get back to maybe 125-130 (I think I was too skinny before) But I'm worried about getting that under-arm flab thing and have like... eh, I'll just say it, a saggy butt and boobs? I'm only 21 so I know my "elasticity" should be ok... but... that is where my fat has concentrated itself and I'm afriad if I shrink too much I'll be saggy. If that's the case I'd almost rather stay curvy (aka fat).

Would losing 30-40 pounds cause me to have loose skin? If so, is there any way (other than surgery) to not have this problem? (exercises, lotions or creams, any vitamins that might help, etc)

Thanks a bundle guys! Everyone on here is so great =)

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    Being the weight and age you are right now, you shouldn't have that problem from just losing 30-40 pounds. Most of the time the people who have that problem have lost A LOT of weight (80-100lbs) in a short amount of time, like by using gastric bypass. If you lose your weight in a healthy manner (1-2lbs per week) you should be fine. I lost about 45 pounds at the age of 26 and didn't have any problems with loose skin.

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    Lose your target weight slowly and gradually. About 2 pounds per week should be your target. If you do this, then your skin will slowly tighten as you slowly lose the weight. You should also incorporate some weight training, especially for the above mentioned areas like under your arms, your chest and your behind. Not so much that you look like the Incredible Hulk or un-feminine, but enough to help fill in those areas. Some muscle will compliment your body and will not make you look bulky or manly like some women think. If you go to extremes and lose too much weight too quickly, you will definitely have loose skin to a point that you cannot recover from. However this normally results from bypass surgeries. Concerning loose, saggy skin after weight loss, the most unforgiving area for women will almost always be the chest.

    But simply put, if you are overweight.....lose it! At your age and the above specs you listed you should have no problems slimming down without any loose skin problems. Just do it safely and you will be fine. Shift your focus to your actual health instead of your appearance - don't even concentrate on actually losing the weight. Just eat healthy and incorporate a rigorous excersice program to improve your health, and the weight will come off before you know it, safely and without flabby skin. If you want I can give you some effective tips for losing weight safely as I'm sure many others here can as well.

    Good Luck!

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    For the most part, the people you have seen on t.v. with very loose skin have undergone gastric bypass surgery and have lost weight extremely quickly. When you lose weight that fast your body doesn't have time to adjust. If you lost weight at a normal pace (1-2 pounds per week) you should not have a problem with extremely loose skin. Toning exercises never hurt anyone either.

    Good Luck

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    hiya there..


    dont worry about excess skin if you do it right..operations and doctors are your last resort when it comes to skin excess..


    a good way to lose fat is through exercise right?and for everyone out there, cardio exercises are the way to go..but, cardio loses the fat?what's gonna happen to the excess skin right?

    so here's the solution..have some workouts with weights as well..lifting light weights will help make skin firm..

    So while doing the cardio, you do some light lifting..your local instructor would probably know what exercises to give you, like for flabby arms, tricep and bicep workouts will do great.

    abdominal workouts and lower back workouts will focus on your abdomen and lunges and leg exercises for the legs of course..

    you can do both of them at the same time, focusing more on your cardio..

    cardio 4 times a week with a day of weight training(light weights remember) an hour each day would be enough..

    Just stick to the program and let the instructor guide you to your real body's potential! good luck..

    hope this helps!

    Source(s): Been working out for two years and an instructor for 1 year
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    Losing weight should always be regarded as a long term proposition. Quick weight loss plans can help you lose weight but will not give you the longer term results you crave and deserve. Losing weight quickly will be muscle tissue and water. This weight will be gained back immediately when you stop dieting and begin eating normally again.

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    Exercise and lose weight very slowly. A monthly goal of 3-5 pounds a month is adequate.

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    i have lost 80 pounds in 9 months, i do lots of cardio and strength, i am 31 years old, female and was overweight since i was 13. i am very toned but have loose skin on my hips, thighs, stomcah and upper arms. it seems to be slowly going in. no one notices it every says im too thin now but i know its there and it bugs the crap out of me! see for yourself


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    toning exersises starting now before losing the weight and during will help and so will keeping the skin moisturized will keep the skin and you from being mother natures best friend

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