does she have feelings for me? please answer!!!!?

ok so a year ago i fell for my best friend. we've been on and off friends and we've been fighting the whole time up until recently. like two weeks ago things were chill between us again and stuff. but weve talked a couple times since then but she still acts distant, like she still has me blocked on aim and she still doesnt call me because she says shes busy. she told my best friend we were friends again and stuff and shes nice to me and i saw her out in the neighborhood, but she didnt come and say hi to me and idk, she wouldnt say if something was wrong when i asked her about it, she never does. do you think she needs more space? and why does she keep taking me back, or coming back to me? does she love me or something?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Honey, no girl wants a wimpy guy. Pull yourself together, take the pain like a man, and move on. You start acting like a man, and women are gonna want you.

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