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Are Korean red ginseng capsules can increase sex for man? If so, what can be the proper dose's?

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    Ginseng does work - but more as a stimulant. So yes you increase sex.

    But it is like taking Viagra... it increases sex.

    If you really want to always be ready for sex it has all to do with testosterone. Your own testosterone.

    The loss of testosterone is men's Number 1 health problem. Why? Because it leads to all sorts of chronic illness of which erectile dysfunction is just a symptom the loss of testosterone.

    Find out more about testosterone here:

    To rectify your problem and to have spontaneous erections anytime you have to get your body to produce more testosterone.

    Best thing to do to use Tongkat Ali - a Malaysian root. Tongkat Ali gets your body to produce more testosterone.

    You get more testosterone to have more sex and you solve your number 1 health problem.

    Best of luck.

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    Well now days... its #1 and #2 answers.. Compromise..although i dont get anything out of the act..i still have stand by's in the the drawer.. i never let # 4 answer to come into the equation. Been married too dang long for that.. Really now i could care less.. about #4..Old Catz had the right answer.. lol i agree with her..

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