Can anyone tell me how I can report child abuse that I overheard of in a chat room? Help me Please!?

Tonight I was in a chat forum, and I saw someone post a message that included a direct description of a situation from a mother where her child was being abused physically by her father, who has an "anger problem" Aren't we required by law to report this kind of thing? I know this woman lives in the united states(USA), but I don't know what state.I know it may be hard if not impossible to report. And it may be difficult to track this person down because it was in a website forum, but I I need to know what to do, and how to report this if I can at all in any way. The child being abused in this case isn't even 2 yrs. old, and may have no voice or protection if the mother doesn't report it. I don't think she will, for she kept giving excuses to the defense of the husband, and sounds like she is afraid to report it out of fear.

help me for the sake of this child. SOMEONE HAS TO GIVE THE CHILD A VOICE! I would greatly appreciate advice from anyone who has experience with this area!

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    You really have to tell her to tell a counselor or a teacher about it! That child can be from anywhere in the world.

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    Well... normally i would say that things you hear on the internet should not be acted upon. It's too vague and there's just too many bogus info floating around.

    But if you really, really wan't to help, the first step is contacting the the mother via the same chatroom. Be careful what you say and how you spoke, because influencing someone through the internet to do something is.... an art... and very similar to stalking ( which is why it's frowned upon )

    Based on your info, here's how i would do it: I'll check her account name and profile on the chat room. If possible ask the forum moderator for her ip address. You might get lucky and get a general area ( example: georgia or alabama )

    Do not say anything to scare or turn her off. Don't be judgmental, indignant or anything. Analyze her responses, if she is defending her husband... play along and talk to her from HER point of view. Make another account if possible and pretend you're also a mother with the same dilemma.

    With time and repeated conversation, you can probably influence her to do something about it. And if you're lucky she might just mention something about the area, school, neigbourhood, address - that could be a handle for a report. Police and child welfare will only respond to these three things: Name, location and situation.

    It takes time and effort, but it's the best method that i know of.

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    i would rather risk a family mad at me then not tell if a child needs protected.. that's what happens people don't get involved then they say later after the child gets hurt really bad or death.. i wish i would of said something.. i would try to get that name they used and or even a email address then they would have something to work with.. police can get a hold of the provider of that email and find them that way.. good luck and your doing the right thing..

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    i don't know if you can find out who it is, but I would be careful, unless you are absolutely positive that abuse is going on. I would hate for false accusations to tear up a family. sometimes people exaggerate for attention. If you were to report it, you might need the persons screen name.

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    If you remember her chat name i would probably report it to the chats help or the chat providers.

    They probably have some system to follow or someone to report to.

    If they don't (they should) they could probably tell you what to do.

    May this help you and good luck.


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