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who should i start at tight end?

Heath Miller Steelers against Buffalo D?


Marcus Pollard Seatle against Arizona D?

best answer gets ten points

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    I'd start Miller. Hines Ward and Santinio Holmes demand a lot of attention from the defense which opens things up for him, while Seattle's passing game... Well, they're still trying to figure out who their #2 guy is. And since it's Pollard's first year with the team, Hasselbeck isn't as likely to look for him when plays break down. It takes awhile for receivers and QBs to know each other's tendencies.

  • Brian
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    1 decade ago

    Heath Miller.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hands down Heath Miller. Much better TE and will get more looks.

  • 1 decade ago

    this is a obvious answer. Miller is a must start. I say he will go this week with 25 yds and 1 TD, this a 8 to 10 pts for your TE, and for the TE 10 pts are very good points.

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