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At a loss of words?

I was on the computer the other day just playing online and my son was laying in my bed playing game boy.All a sudden my son tells me he doesnt want to get older because he doesnt want to die.I got up and went to lay by him and talk to see what was bothering him.He said he was thinking about his gp which was my dad that passed away a few months ago.I told him that you dont die and that you live even after death with jesus and I said gp isnt dead either,and he said he aint?I told him gp is in your heart and your mind and pointed at them.I asked him if he remebered gp and he said yes,and I said see he still lives in your memories.He then made the comment that jesus could make him live again if he wanted.My son has said this a few times and I dont know how to answer that one either.Did I explain it alright to him?

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    You explained it great. When he says that Jesus could make him live again if he wanted to, explain that Jesus wanted him up in heaven to watch over everyone that he loves, and that Jesus needed him up there because he had a special job for him to do.

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    Sounds like you are a very religious person so this was probably the best answer you could have given in a religious way. He will be ok though. They get confused about death and it can be scary for them but most out grow that and realize it is part of life. I just explain to my children that when someone dies it just means their body dies not their soul and spirit. That someday they will see that person again when they go on to the other side. If he worries about dying soon I point out that people die when God needs them to return home.

  • You didn't mention how old your son was...I don't think what you said sounded wrong...perhaps he just wasn't grasping it right. And for now, it may be ok. Sometime when you have some time, maybe ask him if he has any questions about what you had been talking about, or ask him if he wants to talk about gp. Talking together about it can be good for both of you. And eventually I think he'll understand what you mean.

    Remember, too, it's ok to tell him if you don't know how to answer his question. He'll like that you make an effort to explain it,but it's ok to let them know that some things are kind of confusing or uncertain, and it's hard to put some concepts into words.

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    It's really hard for them to grasp things at first.. I used the example of an egg and an egg shell with my nieces when our aunt passed in feb. I said just like an egg before you break it all there together, well when people die, their soul/spirit goes to heaven to be with Jesus, just like when you empty out the egg, the shells still there, but "they" are in heaven, and you will see them again someday. I talk to them about what a great place it is, how our aunt is not in any more pain (she had pancreatic cancer at 50) Remind him of things with his Grandpa and break out the pictures.

    I'm sorry for your loss, it's very hard, and 6yrs today from losing my Papaw who was more like a dad to me, it's still hard, but even I have to look at it like your son sometimes... we'll all be together again, if we give our hearts to Jesus, we'll have a great welcome home party in His time...

    Best wishes! Good Job Mom!

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    I think you did a good job, and I might say the same things when one of my children asked me similar question. Your son seems to miss his grandfather, and it's quite touching. But what's more heartrending is his concern of not leaving you. Grandpa chose to be with Jesus because he has already accomplished his mission on Earth, and now it is your son's turn to do the same. Raise a family one day and be as proud as grandpa when he's got a grandson like him.

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    oh my gosh this made me tear up!

    I think you did a good job. Death is something that is hard to grasp. I have a friend who's mom was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago, and I loved her mom and was in shock. I started crying and said sorry that I wasn't being strong for her (my friend), so she told me what she explained to her nephew about Nana:

    "everynight before you go to bed, go outside and you'll see a really bright star, and that is Nana looking after you and you can say goodnight to her before you go to sleep." You can even say a prayer to her (or him in your case)

    I think you did a good job. It kills me to see young kids ask these questions but they are unavoidable but so hard to explain and talk about.

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    sounds like you did a great job to me. Death is hard to understand, but its best to tell the truth and not say "it will never happen to you, don't worry"

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    I think you did a good job...

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