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Leinart or Cultler for backup QB?

In the draft, I picked up Bulger and Leinart for quarterbacks, which were both top ranked preseason. After seeing Leinart play in week 1, I am somewhat apprehensive about his performance, but don't want to jump the gun so early. I do see Cutler is available and he had an outstanding first week. I know it can all depend on which opponent they get week to week. That being said, stay with Leinart or drop him for the Cutler gamble? :)


Providing logic/rationale for your advice betters your chance of best answer! :)

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    I'm going against everyone else with this one. Cutler played a good game against a weak buffalo d. Leinart played a bad game against a revamped niners defense. Leinart plays st.louis twice and seattle twice. Cutler has to face the chargers twice and even though they looked bad last week the raiders twice. I think you should stick with leinart at least for a couple more weeks.

  • Brian
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    I definitely say Cutler. He has a stud reciever in Walker and a budding star in Marshall to throw to. Not to mention Travis Henry who will help march the ball down the field for the offense. I also think Cutler has more talent than Leinart, and Leinart was just a good systems QB in college.

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    i have cutler as my starting QB and smoked the my opponent last week. do what u want but cutler is not a backup he will put up more numbers than leinart and young combined. I can not believe he is available on your league check out my league Big XII conference I have 4 broncos players but really want the broncos defense.

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    I'd drop him & take Cutler

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