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Am I able to get pregnant?

My husband and I recently had a pregnancy scare, he was a lil worried about it and he didn't want to keep it. Now, him and I still aren't using any protection, except him pulling out but not every time. He now says he's not worried about it if it happens, but he wants to try and avoid it if he can. I, personally want a baby. But my problem is.. I haven't ever been pregnant and an ex boyfriend used to get off inside of me every time.. and never. I have cycst on my ovaries .. so the doc thinks, and I have irregular periods.. what are the chances of getting pregnant?

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    One of my daughters has a cyst. She has 6 children. It was diagnosed after the 2nd. and the doc told her she would not be able to have any more.

    So that is a MYTH.

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    bit lower then normal but not imposable

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