make a sentence using slow as an adverb.


okay yeah my english teacher gave us this question and it doesn't make sense to me either but yeah. i just asked this question to make sure.

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    I am sorry to say that Chelligh is wrong. In those examples, she has not modified the verb, therefore slow is describing the subject. An adverb describes the action and are easy to find because they end in "ly"


    Example - Tom ran slowly down the street.

    Not only did he run down the street, he did it slow. We modified the verb, thereby describing the action better.

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    Chelleigh is on the right track, but those sentences are grammatically incorrect, even though they sound right. The proper word to use in each of them is slowly.

    Slow can be an adjective and a verb, but never an adverb. Tell your teacher to stop teaching grammar!

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    But slow isn't an adverb.

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    Please drive slow, the roads are icy.

    My watch seems to be running slow.

    The law requires motorists to drive slow through school zones. Type in slow and scroll down to where the definition is listed as an adverb and it gives you an example.

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    "Slowly" would be the adverb form of "slow", which is an adjective. If this is a trick question please let me in on the joke! = }

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