Have all the Muslims had good experiences so far this Ramadan? Harassment at the mosque?

My husband just came home from Tarawhih prayers and said some woman entered the mosque and started screaming about Jesus and calling all those praying terrorists! She left and some people left to look for her. Has anyone else faced any harassment?


in Texas

Update 2:

I guess the 100 point trolls are back.

Update 3:

Dear Christians, I know she is probably mentally unstable. I just thought I would ask...it made me wonder if anything else has happened.

Update 4:

Mario, who's whining? I have answered every question about Islam you ever sent me an email about and you haven't had a question in a really long time. Either leave questions that don't pertain to you alone or move on to other ones.

Update 5:

And Mario, the example you used came right after Sept 11, 2002 -- BIG SURPRISE THERE!

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    Well, so far nothing happen or no harrasment happen (Thanks god for that!) :)

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    Yep, I also remember a man showed up at the Culver City Catholic Church (St. Augustine) causing havoc to elderly folks attending mass.

    Los Angeles, CA - Emad Ibrahim Saad was convicted for the October 28, 2001 vandalizing of St. Augustine Church and School in Culver City. Saad decapitated a statue of the Blessed Mother, cut off the hand of a statue of St. Rita and stole a statue of Blessed Junipero Serra. He also dumped 2,000 copies of a magazine, stolen from a mosque, which declared, "Allah is the only true God." The stolen statue was found at a Culver City mosque. Officials at the mosque apologized to the church, saying the vandalism attempted to cause a rift between them.

    I don't understand what are you whining about.


    Sounds like Whining though? I am a minority the majority group is harassing me kind of whining. Also, you forgot (pbuh) after Jesus, so it is Christian Jesus harassing minority Muslim Whining.

    I just posted an example of how things are done both ways.

    Anyways I don't understand your BIG SURPRISE logic that a church can be vandalized if there is a major terrorist attack.

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    No, not so far. So far all has been good. Sometimes we get some crazies outside of the mosque. I always find it funny though because if they think we are terrorists wouldn't they stay away from us?

    To B, I've been to Canada, unfortunately not all Canadians feel the way you say they do.

    To littlebluejeep, you must not be online too much. Fez is a Muslim and she has been on here a long time. We love her.

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    I think it is wonderful that each person gets to pick the company they keep. I make it a necessity to ignore negative people, because they are obviously crazy.

    You must surround yourself with friends and family and ignore those people, that wish you harm or try to make you respond to their negativity. If you never acknowledge these people, you life will be peaceful.

    I pity these people. They are lost souls.

    Remember "TERRORISTS", come in all different shapes, sizes, genders, and religions.

    Source(s): Skye's Friend in Egypt
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    lol nop canadians like Muslims, and they don't think we're terrorists : )

    edit: it's funny Dave B., how even when you're trying to say something nice you have to first insult Islam. Prophet Mohammed was not ''a bad man'', maybe if you went outside your sources which are Anti Islamist fanatics you would see something other than this sickness and hate that you seem to be looking for in Islam and in the Prophet, because frankly, and although you may hate it, but it just isn't there.


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    Sorry to hear that. The woman who visited the mosque sounds like a nutty person.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. But you know, she could also be mentally unstable? It does not sound like the action of someone who is stable.

    Anyway, Happy Ramadan to all of you!

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    im sorry he had to witness that, here in england ive never seen a non muslim enter the mosque, and especially to harass!!!! lol

    alhumdullilah my fasts are going well. how about u? how is your rmadan?

    may allah bless u


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    Sounds kind of scary and funny at the same time...lol

    No..we're all ok over here in Singapore..the Tarawih prayers were not disturbed by any 'disturbed' ppl...hehe

    Take care & Happy Ramadhan!

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    Captain America Says:

    Peace and prosparity to all the people of the faiths and the books!

    Source(s): There is great reward in such things, so I hear from my muslims friends in Justice League. Hayo!
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    OMG, Sorry to hear this, not all Christian are crazy, just like not all Muslims are evil. Can you tell us where this took place? Happy Ramadan!

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