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When A Scorpio is worried about something or going through personal issues, can he?

become distant and cold with you? Will he seem very quiet and to himself even though he doesn't mean to act this way towards you?

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    Yeah they aren't too good at showing emotions when they are sad. My partner of 5 years is the same way. They feel they have to put on brave face no matter what the cost

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    When a Scorpio is worried about something or going through personal issues yes he can become distant and cold with you. He will be very quiet and want to be by himself. He will not act like his normal self. When he is this way just give him a little time to be by himself.

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    Scorpions always move backwards at first and prefer to retreat into their comfortable little dark cave, wherever that may be. They only share their true inner emotions with those that are truly trustworthy and worthy of their respect. Those people are very rare in a Scorpion's life. And they will only emerge from their lair/den/cave wherever and whatever it may be when they are good and ready. A Scorpion always goes backwards at first. It only moves forward and stings when it or its family is truly threatened. Better to leave a Scorpion alone. Don't take it personally. Siberian also summed it up quite well.

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    my brother is a scorpio. when he is going thru something, he is not cold or mean. he is withdrawn, and quiet. i understand this. scorpios want to handle problems on their own without letting anyone know they need help. they feel that reaching out for help from others is a sign of weakness. scorpios do not like weakness, especially in themselves.

    plus, scorpio does not like going through details, and they like to keep their business to themselves. they do not mean to seem distant or hurt anyone's feelings. to cheer him up, dont say anything. do not pry. just give him a hug from the heart, a kiss on the head and whisper 'i am here for you.' that will brighten him up and give him strength to face what he needs to face.

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    When I have difficult situations to deal with, I focus on handling what's important. Sometimes I focus on nothing else and it seems like I'm ignoring everything and everyone else around me. Sometimes other people and pets don't understand that I'm trying to produce quality results. It does seem like a Scorpio trait showing through.

  • Just let him know you're still thinking about him, and you'll love him just as strongly as ever when he comes around. Try not to poke at him..

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    as others said.. yep.... I go off and do my own thing..sometimes to the point of getting mad and confrontational with people who try to inroads on me...

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    really can you tell whats so great about scorpios

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