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Should I Read X-Men?


I am a huge X-fan, have been for many years. I stiooped reading when I was sick of throwing away money on the dismal Chuck Austen's Uncanny run. I read some Astonishing, which was brilliant, but I have been out of the books since.

Are they worth picking up right now?

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    Astonishing is a given catch up on that for sure, the other titles are based on your taste (new x-men is supposed to be good too) but they are all better than Chuck's.

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    You call yourself a "huge fan"? I think you are a poser. The true fan takes the good with the bad. You can't stop reading and supporting the book just because you don't like the current writer, artist, whatever. Otherwise you are just another casual reader looking for the latest trendy thing.

    Given your statements I would say that you should pass. True fans will carry the X-men forward for another 44 years.

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    yeah sure, are you familiar with any of the civil war comics out or war world hulk, check is out,

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    sure why not

    i mean if you like them go ahead

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  • Anonymous
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    Yup. If you are really interested.


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