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I'm reflecting on my life and I am 22 yo woman and I've never had a boyfriend, not to toot my own horn but I am very attractive on the outside, but insides are messed up. I have social anxiety and a fear a men ( I know that's wierd), but I've only had one male figure in my life and he is a woman beater, pediphile(sp), sex addict, neglected his children with nothing to eat to hang on the streets with litterally crack whores all weekend. That's my dad and I'm not exagerating when I describe him at all. Men act like they are so scared to approach me it's scary to me! I don't need a man to make me feel better, but it's wierd that I'm an adult woman and never even talked on the phone with a guy. It just never happened. I know I might need it help, becuase it's mainly me not them. But what should I do? I now my looks can be intimidating but if they ever asked me out I would say no. I had such a hard time growing up with my dad. I know all men aren't like that, it just turns me off from men.

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    oh honey, you are missing out on so much in life. you need a good friend to take you and show you the ropes.

    i know your life was messed up but only you can change that.

    you took the first step by trusting people enough to come out and say the things you told us tonight. now you need to take another step. and then another one. so little by little you will feel better about yourself.

    you will never for get the way you lived but you can make it better. but you have to want to do that. and try to do that. I'll tell you there are allot of men that are ignorant and that is sad. but there are allot of good men too. so just take your time. but honey you need to get out in to the real world or your going to grow to be old and lonely and you don't want that. i hope you find happiness in your life. and i pray you get blessed with a good man. good luck

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    just as you said you cannot assume that all men are like that. i think it is not that your insides are messed up, the only serious male figure you have had in your life wasnt exactly one to compare to for a male relationship in your life . i dont know why men would be afraid to approach you. maybe you need to make it clear that you are "single" i dont think that they are afriad of your looks but the assumption that you are already taken. men will look at good looking women, but when they look they assume. i dont think you need help because you know why you feel the way you do about men. you just need to find it in yourself to trust a man

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    i've notice that you still have positive attitude towards men,it just your fear to incounter guy like your dad traits are fulling you out you mind to indulge you self having one,dont think too much, thinking up that guys are one just only briging a gap to your self to trust other guys which might inter your life,your old enough to consider guy's behavior if someone knocks your heart,as you said your dad give you frutrations,it awkfull to the kind of being for the men,girl,not all people are the same,i'm wryly feel your fear but you can overcome that, just believe in the positive thought you have that their is special someone for you, that ever different from your dad's standard..wish you luck..

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    Find some job in some marketing company, rest every thing will come up smoothly.

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