ok, so today i had call backs for my school play. it has a cast of 7 and they called back sixteen. i read for the lead only once and then that was it they kept me around for a while then i had to go to work, so i probably didn't get this role, how do i still be happy for the people who do get cast? i feel kind of jipped because i know i did better then alot of people and yet the favortism in there was overwhelming, any tips?

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    This is good training for being an actor. Happens over and over and over and over. Life is not fair and the only way you are going to get cast is to be so much better than everyone else that they cant overlook you. Then again, you could find out how to become a memeber of the clique and join them.

    Every actor know he auditioned better than the one who got cast in stead of him, but actors are really poor judges of their own abilities and almost never see themselves the way casting directors seen them So suck it up, and try again. Why not look outside of school for a play in a community theatre. Best wishes, Doc

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    First off, you auditioned thats a big step.

    Second, rejection is a part of theater/movie life. You won't get every role you tryout for. Don't be discouraged, I auditioned for a show, didn't get called back but wound up in the show, so it happens!

    Be a sport about it. Congratulate those who made it, then talk to the director and see if there is something different you could do next time and meantime, help to work on the show. Build sets, do publicity, whatever. This shows that you still are enthusiastic about the show and also gives the director a heads up knowing your wanting to help out in some form.

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    I know exactly how you feel. When I was in college I auditioned for any and every production I could and got the same treatment. Only I didn't get any call backs and I wasn't cast because of the favorites.

    If your passion is acting and you can't get it where you want it, take steps to do your own thing.

    The college I attended had this little television station where film makers would do films and place it on tv for anybody who was aware of the station would watch it.

    Sometimes you just have to do your own thing and ignore the people who put auditioners through the ringer.

    You can't give up if it's something you want to do. The acting teacher that I had when I decided to take classes outside of college said when you audition, you have to audition and forget it. If you dwell on it, it will tear you up mentally.

    Just do your own thing. Find an independent film coalition(IFC) and get with them and write your own scripts, hold your own auditions and star in your own work and see how that goes.

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    Sure. What are the really important things to you?

    What do you value most of all in your life? Think

    about those things. In other words: look at this as

    a wake-up call to count your blessings and get all

    of your priorities straight.

    Have a nice tomorrow. And the day after that, and

    the day after that.


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