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have i found the right guy?

He talks to me, flirts with me, is sweet but he wont tell me he does is he just playin with my head or does he really like me?? i really like him and we are close so i dont know how to bring it up without ruining our frienship

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    In all relationships there is flirting, sweetness,niceness and all the good stuff that comes with being comfortable around someone.

    There is nothing wrong with maturely asking what he thinks about the two of you, or if he would consider dating you. It is mature, honest, straight forward, and harmless.

    Or you can beat around the bush, and ask him about his dating situation, and see if he has his eye on anyone.

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    Straight up ask him. The worst you can do is get told no. And if so laugh it off and say just wondering. And then suggest something like "wanna grab an icecream" or what ever you two normally do. It'll make it seem like your friendship is still in tact and nothing is ruined.

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