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Did you feel this to?Women only please!?

I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I have somewhat sore breasts..

My nipples are a more sensitive and the top part of the breast is sore also..It feels kinda achy?

Did you have this too?

And what was your morning sickness like?

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    Yep i had and still have sore boobs and nipples! They were my first sign i was pregnant! Morning sickness is bad! Sorry to tell u lol. I haven't had much of it thank god, but the days i have i feel sick on and off all day and sometimes throw up (i hate throwing up so much!) Anyway i just keep thinking only alittle longer lol and i think as i'm throwing up i'm doing this for the best outcome at the end of any sickness and thats a baby! lol

    Anyway good luck to u hope all goes well!

    Source(s): 10 weeks and 5 days prego with #1
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    I didn't have a lot of morning sickness with my girls but with this little boy I have had all day sickness since the beginning. It has just now started to taper off at 25 weeks and I am eating like a pig.

    As far as the breast tenderness and my nipples being sore...that lasted until about the 12th week will all of them but was more intense with this baby.

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    I had this and my morning sickness was the first sign of pregnancy. It started when I was less than 2 weeks pregnant! I vomited an average of 5 times a day for the first SIX MONTHS! It is not this bad for everyone! I was put on Ondansetron (Zofran) which is an anti-emetic and it helped keep me from even getting nauseous. I was in bed for most of my pregnancy with a "barf bowl" by my side. My daughter was born healthy and on time! Good luck and congratulations. Morning sickness and sore breasts are actually a good thing, means your hormones are doing their job!

    Source(s): student RN and new mommy
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    Since I was first pregnant with twins, my pregnancy symptoms came a lot early, and a bit more severe. I had pretty bad morning sickness, only lasted a little while though.

    But tender breasts I also had. Your breast are growing asweel remember, they have to supply breast milk for the baby soon, so they will be bigger. I had breast tenderness on the top, and to the outside way of my breasts. It is all normal, so there's nothing to worry about.

    Oh and congratulations! Hope everything goes well, and best wishes to you and your family.

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    Yep that happens sore breasts are one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy the only thing that differs is how sensitive they are and everyone is different but i tell ya what mine hurt like hell! but there isnt much you can do they will stop hurting as much the further along you are. As for morning sickness i only had it very lightly, i never really was physically sick as in vomiting n stuff but i always felt nausiouse mainly in the morning and of a night time, it's just like an uneasy feeling in your stomache. Congrats on bubby!

    Source(s): 17 weeks pregnant
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    I didnt have morning sickness right away, infact, it didnt kick in until I was about 3 months pregnant. I only vomited from it twice, but I had the feeling I was GOING to throw up every day, from late morning until dinner time. I tried all the "morning sickness remedies" and none worked for me. What did work though.... was gummy worms lol. I HAD to have gummy worms. I had a big plastic tub of them at work, in the car, at home....

    As for the sore boobs, I remember having slight soreness every now and then, but it wasnt a major issue for me.

    Congratulations and good luck!

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    That is all normal. They will be sore off and on through the whole pregnancy, and they will get bigger too.

    Morning sickness will not always make you throw up. Sometimes it will just make you miserable. It will happen at all times of day, and the best way to fend it off is to always be eating or sipping something. Especially water.

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    THANK GOD I didnt have any sickness, but yes breast tenderness is very common, and will come and go throughout the pregnancy for some women.

    Like I said I didnt get sick, I did however lose my appetite and TOTALLY gag all the time...my husband said I sounded like I was choking on a hairball LOL


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    The breast tenderness and itching is what I had to, and as I got farther along and my breasts started to fill up more, they got more itchy, wait until your belly starts to grow and begins itching too! My morning sickness was just that, always in the morning. I could not brush my teeth without getting sick, and I could not eat anything in the mornings.

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    Sore breasts is a good sign! It means they're getting ready to produce milk.

    Morning sickness depends on the level of Hcg in your blood, so it varies with every pregnancy.

    Source(s): Midwife in training
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