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so my right quad hurts when i peddle fairly hard?

do you think i have a strain or something. i took a day off and it still hurt.

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    Be careful you don't do lasting damage!

    You need to find out what is causing the problem or it will keep coming back.

    Did you fall and hurt your leg or is the injury from riding?

    Be systematic. Make sure your bike is set up properly and that nothing is loose or bent. If you use clipless pedals get someone to check you out and make sure your position on the bike is OK.

    Talk to a local coach or experienced rider to see if they can advise (perhaps you are in a club). If the pain keeps recurring go and see a Physiotherapist (Most general-doctors will tell you to rest for a couple of weeks which means you become unfit).

    Although rest can help it does not always cure the underlying cause it just makes the pain go away for a while. A specialist can usually find the problem (and may ask to see you on the bike) and suggests exercises or changes to stop the pain coming back.

  • b4_999
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    If it's an injury you determine you can ride with try this line of thinking. Something I do when I'm not 100%.

    On some rides you leave the hammer home. Go out. Have a good spin and exercise your joy but NO HAMMERING.

    I had a deep ache in a thigh after hammering a fifity miler and it took a month to heal. I still rode but left the hammer home.

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    Sounds like your mussle is tight. Try doing some streaches. One that helps is straighten your leg perfectly straight, then slowly lift it up and hold it in the air for 4 seconds. Hard to do but it works great.

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    You're probably right. But it will take longer than one day to recover and heal. If you keep riding hard while it hurts it will take longer to heal. Take it easy for a week or two and you should be good to go.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds like you strained it, but you are going to want to strecth it out everyday for it to heal faster

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