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how long does a Quaker molt for??

I have had small parrots for several years.My Quaker has been going thru his first major molt now for about3 months.is it normal for it to take this long??my tiels,lovebirds,budgies never took this long.am assuming that it's becouse he is a bit bigger.also my g.c. conure is molting now just since we moved last week.is it possable for molting to start from the stress of new enviroment?the conure has settled in well and has been busy exploring his new home while the quaker is just starting to adjust to last weeks move.i know it can take a while to adjust and so far they seem ok now from the move.I just feel bad for my quaker's first major molt.he is almost 2 now.i let him bathe in warm water as often as he wants to.I also include Molt&Conditioner in with his diet of parrot mix,fruits,veggies etc. any other suggestions for him will be so greatly appreciated.thanks

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    You should be seeing them start to grow back by now, some sign that they have started growing back.

    Some things that could be wrong:

    Feather plucking. Either he pulls them out himself, or other birds "help" him. (this is my bet)

    Hormonal imbalance/genetic component. Sometimes birth defects/systemic (organ) problems take a while to show up.

    Infection- Bacteria, yeast, and a few other "bird only" germs can stunt feather growth.

    Improper nutrition. I don't think it's this one. He seems like he has a good diet.

    Lack of UV light. Birds need sunlight to be healthy just like reptiles do. Some people aren't aware of that. A sunny window is good, a few hours outside is better. BEWARE of over heating and predators.

    I recommend a vet to rule out illness.

    Hope everything works out.

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    Yup, thats molting. The new feathers are referred to as 'pin feathers' and they're quite demanding! They pop out with this waxy coating, your parrot can bite off this coating whilst she is preening her frame- however she cant succeed in those on her head. She would possibly mean you can attempt to squeeze the pins off although, so her feathers can come via. You need to be tender, since the feathers can also be painful, and she or he would possibly nip you to exhibit her diproval if you're too hard- however such a lot birds will thanks for it subsequently. My birds commonly molt each and every six months, they're due for it quickly. It commonly takes a couple of weeks for his or her molt to conclude... and alot of head preening from me to get them again into quality situation!

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    yes, it's normal.....he is getting ready for the winter and ready to get more feathers!!!!! you can help him my carefully taking the white covering to the quails off for him.....they tend to itch

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    mine never went that long

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