How do I change my printer software over to USB setting?

Message says- problem communicating with the printer.

Also has said- need to check USB setting. Says comp not set to USB-how do I do that?

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    Your printer is either connected to your computer with a USB connection, or not.

    >You should not have had the printer connected to the computer until the driver was installed.

    > At this point the printer is connected to the computer and installation finishes.

    >Then you Restart.

    Then, if the printer connects via a USB cable-- these usually do not come with printers -- you have to buy your own.

    Click this link to see what they look like.


    If you previously had some other device connected to the USB port, your computer may not be recognizing the printer. Here is information on how to handle using different devices on the same USB port:

    Problem With USB Port – Can’t Reinstall USB Device – Plug & Play Problem

    - With Windows Plug & Play feature, Windows is supposed to recognize any device plugged into a USB port -- the problem is after it recognizes something once, Plug & Play will never again try to install that device. You need to erase all memory of the device (printer etc) from the computer.

    - Right-click on My Computer, cl Properties, click Hardware, click Device Manager.

    - Click on the plus sign next to “Universal Serial Bus.” Look for the problem device’s name and right-click. Now Remove. Restart and reinstall.

    Source: Article by James Coates, Chicago Tribune.


    Personal Notes:

    1. I found that if I did not go through the “safely remove” procedure before unplugging a USB device, the computer did not recognize another item. I had to reinsert the first item, “safely remove,” then plug in another item. This must be like shutting down for USBs.

    2. Some flashdrives are to be removed at shutdown, and reinserted after startup. This is stated on the literature that accompanied my SONY 1G flashdrive. I do not recall seeing this instruction for my Cruzer 1G, but I suspect it is the same. I found that if I leave it connected, I cannot access files. After removing it and reinserting, files are there. A couple other smaller, older flashdrives do not seem to have this problem.

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    once I run into this on vista or xp,i come around the setup or setting up exe checklist , solid click on it and decide run as admin from there. i understand you need to no longer ought to try this yet some circumstances it does artwork. stable success

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