If you are stranded on a desert , what will you plan to survive?

If you are stranded on a desert and you have 15 items.

It includes cosmetic mirror,flash light,sunglasses, swiss army knife, first aid kit, red and white parachute , plastic rain coat, insect repellent,1 box of canned food,hat with neck flap, a book of animals and plants of the desert, 2 bottles of wine, sectional air map of city,2 litres of water per person, 10 cm hollow plastic tube...

Rank the items from 1 to 15 depending on its importance

and write in 5-7 sentences about what will be your plan to survive.

*you are 115 km south-southwest from mining camp which is the nearest habitation and you are approximately 80km off the course.

*no cell phone.. all you have with you is $4.83 in chang, $85 in bills, a pack of chewing gum and a ball point pen

*there are other people stranded too

* what kind of food other than what u already have, can be found from a desert?

*** I've been thinking all day but haven't come with the good plan to survive.. I need help!! lol

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