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American express gift card HELP?

Ok so I decided to buy a 100 American express gift card for my brother. I just got a call from him saying that the balance on the card is 0. Even though it was activated at the time of purchase, there’s no balance on it. Has that ever happened to anyone before? What should I do? The place I bought it from said that they activated it its not their fault

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    Contact AmEx. 1-877-AXP-GIFT.

    If there is no balance on it, it wasn't activated. And if there has been any activity on it, AmEx can trace it.

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    AMEX present playing cards can not be exchanged for funds. you will possibly desire to be waiting to do a funds enhance on the stability at a financial business enterprise yet there's a cost or share involoved so call the quantity on the back of the cardboard to confirm first. Or, for the trip, they might desire to take the playing cards on the trip agent, airline and hotels. purely save song of the balances yet you ought to use then everywhere that takes AMEX credit playing cards.

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    Just call AMEX and tell them the situation they will help you over the phone.

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