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what happens bow after carter 3 is leaked( i know it happ. a while ago)?

how will wayne make money off of it?

is he selling mixtapes?

this really sux for him, no money off the cd, half the world allready illegally downloaded.

well whatevr he has a great clothn line and a "beverage on the way>"


let me simply the question.( better the words bad spellin etc)..*

what happens when the lil wayne's "carter three" mega cd, was leaked to to the world, on the web.

will wayne get himself some money?

has he been doing some sellin?

will he be selling the cd still?

in the end, the cd truly is amzing.

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    He gotta do the album over cuz one of the engineers leaked it.

    The Drought Is Over 2 wasm't even that great. NOBODY could say that was a classic.

    He makin money by bein on people records (Duffle Bag Boy, Uh Oh, 9mm, and "Brown Paper Bag).

    I heard that the Carter 3 is droppin Dec. 18 2007 so hopefully it'll be new stuff.

    Wayne also signed a shoe deal with Reebok.

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    1 decade ago

    i dont know..

    His mixtape career is over for the most part... Dj Drama dont like him anymore.. he snitched on em

    Source(s): Snitches get stitches
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