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Pirate poems?

I am looking for love poems about pirates or written by pirates to their true love. I am having a pirate wedding and would love to have one of these types of poems read in my ceremony

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    Impromptu Pirate Sonnet

    Oh, my little pirate and thee peg leg.

    My sword wishes t'were an ebbulient rose

    When I see you my mind boils like an egg

    I think of thee as the heavy wind blows

    Have you always been so loyal and kind?

    When I look at you I see my heart's mirror

    My old left eye wishes it weren't blind

    My trusty parrot jumps when you're near.

    Thou art the treasure and I am the chest

    Bottles of rum for the lady in white

    And as you all know, forever we're blessed

    We'll have some fun on this wonderous night

    From this day on we'll no longer be two

    All for one and one for all; I love you.

    You may need to move stuff around or change some words. It's kinda choppy towards the end.

    If you think mine sucks, here's one that's probably by a respected poet:

    A Pirate Love Poem

    If you cut sea's waves with scissors

    You will find only water

    And the relics of fhoenician ship

    Where I once sat with many slaves.

    The whip that struck my back

    was made in the shape of your hand,

    And the voice that commanded row! row! was sharp as an ax

    I wanted Love to wave like the skull on the black flag

    Of a pirate ship.

    Something quick,

    something torn right out of my body.

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    Pirate Love Poems

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  • 4 years ago

    I have to admit, this is an honest and many-hours full-effort-absorbing very good poem. What am I supposed to say, the friends before me said it all. And I, for one, will add one more observation: If I received this post from a true pirate, I would have known that is written by a woman, all right (just from the gracious touches here and there). A pirate woman now, is something you wish to encounter in the open seas. So sail my friend, sail away full force to encounter your captor.

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    1 decade ago

    That's a cool idea, a pirate wedding. Sorry, I don't know any pirate poems, but try searching for "Pirate love poems" on

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  • 1 decade ago

    Two good songs that sound sorta piratey, both by the doors music group.

    Whiskey, Mystics And Men


    Crystal Ship

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  • 1 decade ago

    I got me wench and I got me rum, lets pull up that dress and have some fun. YARRRR

    -The Empire Never Ended-

    Anthtony Pittarelli

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